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Canva as a design tool for teachers and students

This post features 5 suggestions for using graphic design in your class and a summary of why Canva is a great choice for your class. Continue reading

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Easy Marking in a digital environment

This post looks at two ways that you can provide digital feedback to student. Videos to support. Continue reading

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How Pinterest helped me in the classroom

Have you ever tried to search for a particular worksheet, education article, poster etc? I know I have and even with the invent of Google and its amazing search engine I still find myself mindlessly scanning through hundreds of search … Continue reading

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Professional Development Through Twitter

Wish there was a way to get great PD thats relevant to you maybe Twitter is your solution. Continue reading

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Planning for BYOD in 2017

What steps are essential in implementing a successful BYOD program in a faculty. Continue reading

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Find Your Flipped Learning Workflow

Originally posted on Ed Tech Enthusiast:
“Flipped Learning is NOT about making videos…” I hear this so often when flipped learning gets discussed. I myself even gave a talk at Flipcon last year with this exact title. But the truth is,…

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Why I Love My IPAD

Yes I love my IPAD. In fact I don’t think that I could function efficiently in the classroom if I didn’t have it with me. I was first introduced to the joys of an IPAD in the classroom for efficient management … Continue reading

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The Digital Toolbox

So what is a Digital Toolbox? I heard this term last year for the first time at FlipCon, during a session with Joel Speranza. Joel described the digital toolbox as the tools that you use to prepare and run your … Continue reading

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